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Housing Disrepair

If you have reported disrepairs to your landlord, and if your landlord is unresponsive, we can help fix your property and help claim compensation for housing disrepair. Contact us today for a free initial assessment.

Renting a council or housing association property that is in disrepair or has mould or damp and needs urgent repairs? Call Infinity Legal Solicitors for assistance. 

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You Have A Legal Right To Live
In A Well-Maintained Property.

Both tenants and landlords have a responsibility to keep a property in good living conditions, but what happens if landlords don’t fulfil their obligation to carry out repairs?

If you find yourself in a situation where your landlord is ignoring you and you do not know how to proceed contact the team at Infinity Legal Solicitors today for a free assessment to see if you can seek damages and action your landlord to repair your home.

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Housing Disrepair

Your landlord has a legal duty to maintain the structure of your home and ensure the property is kept in a good condition of repair and that you and other occupiers are able to live in the property safely and comfortably.

If your housing association or council house landlord has not repaired your home a month after you have complained about repair problems or rodent infestation, you are legally entitled to use a solicitor to enforce your landlord to repair your home for you and your family.

If you have notified your landlord of any fault or disrepair and the landlord has failed to repair the issue within a reasonable period of time you may also be entitled to compensation

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What Does Housing Disrepair Mean?

Simply put, housing disrepair means a rental property that is in severe need of repairs for it to be suitable and secure for its inhabitants (tenants) to live in. As a tenant living in a rented home, your landlord must ensure the following by law: 

  • The house for rent is structurally sound.
  • It is free of damp and mould. 
  • The drains and gutters are clear and work properly.
  • The heating system is in working condition. 
  • The house has safe access to gas, water and electricity 
  • All sanitation facilities (bathroom, basins, sinks etc.) are fully functional. 
  • There is no insect or vermin infestation in the rented house. 

If you have reported your property to be in a state of disrepair to your landlord, and they have failed to carry them out in a reasonable amount of time, then it is considered as housing disrepair and you could be entitled to compensation.

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What Constitutes Housing Disrepair?

Everyone deserves to live in favourable living conditions. The fitness for Human Habitation Act states that repairs are part of the tenant contract. Any breach of the contract permits the tenant to file for legal action. 

As mentioned above, housing disrepairs include dampness, condensation, leaks, flooding (internal and external), improper drainage, structural cracks, missing or lose roof tiles, repointing of brickwork, poor ventilation, boiler issues, lack of heating or hot running water and insect or vermin infestation.

Regardless of whether you are a social tenant living in a housing association, a council owned property, or as a private tenant, the responsibility for housing disrepair falls on the landlord. 

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It is our aim at Infinity Legal Solicitors to become a leader in developing innovative approaches to pro bono work.

We understand the pressure on families and households during these difficult times which is why we are developing a pro-bono housing and homeless advice clinic for vulnerable and destitute families living below the poverty line.

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